Add a menu item

You can add many different links to your menu. This article will show you how. 1. Click Customise 2. Click Menus 3. Select the menu you want to edit (this will normally be called "Main Menu") 4. Click "Add Items" 5. Click the page you want to add 6. Your page will be added to the bottom of the menu, you can drag and drop it to change the order. To make is a sub menu item drag it to the right so it indents the parent item.

Adding a blog post (new WordPress editor)

How to add a blog post to your website (New WordPress Editor) 1. From your WordPress admin dashboard click Posts > Add New 2. Enter your blog title and content. Then set the category (if required) and upload a featured image. 3. Click Publish (you may need to click Publish twice)

Revision History - Undo

You can go back to an earlier version of your page builder layout by following this guide. - Open your current Page Builder layout for editing. - On the Tools menu, click Revisions. The Tools menu is in the upper left corner of your screen. Access it by clicking the down arrow in the title bar. The previous versions of that page or post are displayed in a list, as shown in the following screenshot. - Click one of the revisions to preview the layout. The preview screen is shown in t...

Create a PDF link and download

Image compression - hero images vs standard images

Your website will automatically compress any images you upload to 1024 pixels wide / high. This prevents large file sizes slowing your website down. If you are uploading a hero image which needs to be full width on the website, upload the image directly to the media library and it will be compressed to 2048px wide, yet still look good in your hero sections. You can then select the image from the page builder, choosing it from your media library.

Adding a youtube video

Note: Private (and some unlisted) Videos will not display, using this method. You will need to include the full iframe code to display the video.

Creating a link to call your phone number

Using the Link function you can create a link so when someone taps it on your mobile it will call you. How to create a link (

Adding a module to a page

When in page builder mode you can add any module to your page. Click the + icon near the top right hand corner of the screen then click and drag the desired module onto your page (

Creating links with Page Builder

Throughout the Page Builder you can create links to any url or another page on your website. These include buttons and headings. When in the module settings general tab click on the select button: You can either enter your url, or starting typing to search for your page: Click in the name of the page you want to link to, and you can also tick the option to open the link in a new window. Don't forget to save the module.

Adding a new blog post

Adding a new blog post by cloning an existing one. (Page Builder active)

Change the name of a page

In this video learn how to change the name of page and update the permalink.

Adding a Facebook Page Feed

Add the Powerpack Facebook Page to your page. NB, if you don't have the powerpack module enabled send us a support request ( Add your Facebook page URL and change the settings to suit.

Adding an instagram feed to your website

Add the Powerpack Instagram Feed to your page. NB, if you don't have the powerpack module enabled send us a support request ( You need to enter User ID, Access Token, and Client ID. Refer to these instructions for creating these details. ( Configure the instagram feed with the feed settings, general, and style tab.